Application examples of Hydroponic Cultivator


"The powerful features of ZDHP601 can help me to complete scientific experiments efficiently. PPFD up to 500umol/m2/S meets the needs of most crop experiments, and it is adjustable, and each spectrum is adjustable for crop growth experiments. In addition, the group management function allows me to manage one or more layers now, making the control of light easy to control."

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Let the children feel that the family is the happiest place in the world. This is a wise practice for adults who have been cultivated in the past. This wonderful family emotion, in my opinion, is as precious as the most exquisite gifts that adults give to children.
- Father of American Literature, Washington. I

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Good food is like a bomb, which can instantly break the soul.
The vegetable garden is right next to the dining table. We can appreciate its shape, guess its taste, taste its freshness, eat and enjoy the food is also a pleasant activity.
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Curiosity creates scientists and poets.
- Francis
Curious eyes can often see more than he wants to see.
- Lessing

It's a safe device that kids use to complete their life--a complete life process from a seed.
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HYDROPONIC CULTIVATOR makes my room full of life, vegetables and flowers can flourish, it helps me create a better business environment, customers are lingering.
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