Powerful and flexible features that can grow a variety of crops.


  • One model with dynamically adjustable output which is suitable for different kinds of crops.One model with dynamically adjustable output which is suitable for different kinds of crops.
  • Time-sharing control on adjustable light intensity and spectrum ratio, simulate the sunrise and sunset.
  • Modular design, Modbus connection, flexible expansion capability, adjustable layer height according to your demand.
  • Free grouping anytime you need, individual control of each layer, using individual growth formula.
  • Time-sharing control of every group.
  • Individual lighting output can be set during every time period.
  • Scanning APP to control straightforward and improve the efficiency.
  • Intelligent water circulation, anti-overflow, prevent water shortage.
  • Expert mode and normal mode suitable for different people.
  • Dismountable design makes it easy to assemble, adjust the assembly models according to crops’ demand.
  • Long lifespan design, more than 6 years working life with continuous working.
  • Universal voltage adaptability, suitable for any country.

Application fields

  • Home balcony, chicken horticulture. Providing healthy food materials, fresh oxygen and beautiful life environment.
  • Commercial places, maintain the vitality of green plants and create a good leisure and shopping environment.
  • Education field, intuitively explore the mysteries of life.
  • For scientific research, ZDHP601 provides powerful and precise control methods for various output parameters, planting reference surface can reach PPFD 500umol/m2/S, can meet the demand of the exploration & research of light intensity and spectrum ratio for various crops.
  • Commercialized plant factory, urban vegetable garden.


ZDHP601 is an intelligent planting equipment which provides suitable light and nutrients to grow crops in a manually controlled environment. Depending on your crops, you can set up multiple lighting strategies for stratified and time-sharing supplementary, so that we can grow a variety of crops in different layers on one device, provide different lighting spectrum ratio and supplementary strategies for crops’ different demands at their growth stages. Adjust the supplementary formula dynamically to ensure light can promote the growth of crops all the time.
To set the operation parameters of the device by our assorted APP, users can intuitively and quickly input, modify the desired parameters. App is unnecessary to connect with device and run once the parameter is configured. It doesn’t need to synchronize between APPs of different smartphones, all users can connect the device via App to read the reserved data and control their own planting area.
The light adopts intelligent constant current drive with stepless brightness adjustment which can improve efficiency by 30% to compare with the common constant voltage drive. It is safe for human body by adopting low 48VDC voltage. It can guarantee the security even using in humid environment.

ZDHP601’s layer height is adjustable, by adjusting the height between two layers to meet the different kinds of crops’ growth demand. In commercial applications, better visual effects can be created by different height between two layers.
ZDHP601 is dismountable design and two separate parts package for transportation which can save about 45% of shipping cost. It can keep sufficient rigidity after assembly. Its structure is mainly composed of aluminum and iron, the whole weight was well controlled while ensuring sufficient mechanical strength of the machine. Forming a dense protective layer by Spray molding process which makes the product durable enough.
ZDHP601’s electronic board is designed and manufactured according to the industrial standard with three proofings(moisture proofing, salt spray proofing and fungus proofing) treatment, which makes it can work steadily under poor working environment for a long time. The electronic card is connected by bus structure and all boards are connected by one bus which makes it easy to assemble correctly.
Target function and achievement theory
“Different growth stage needs different lighting” which is a scientific common sense. ZDHP601 series is designed to achieve this target, with time-sharing control light output and     simulate natural light’s change regulation. 
ZDHP601’s liquid control section delivers nutrient water to the roots of the crop through an configurable intermittent cycle system. During the non-working period, the liquid is drained from the tank and the roots are exposed to the air, giving the crop the opportunity to fully absorb oxygen. The water tidally enters into the first layer tank and flows out from the fifth layer after circulating layer by layer. The air is exchanged and the oxygen-rich air enters into the tank while completing the water circulation.
ZDHP601 is composed of a main control card and several special function boards, which exchanges digital information through bus, completes data acquisition, operation and control functions. The whole machine is connected by a four-core cable between all boards.    

Electrical Performance Parameters 

Input Voltage 110Vac/220Vac, 50Hz/60Hz;
Input Current Max. 4A(When Input 110Vac);
Consumption Power 1~300w;

  •  Optical performance parameter

Red wavelength: 665 nm; Blue wavelength: 445 nm; Full spectrum Electro-optical conversion efficiency: about 38%; The light intensity of each layer is independently adjustable; the light intensity of each channel is independently adjustable; red light can reach 25W, 172umol/m2/S, blue light, full spectrum can reach 33.4W, 230umol/m2/S (all above refers to each layer). Light quality ratio: any combination of the three spectra.

  • Structural performance parameters 

Body material: aluminum + PC + iron Packing volume: 0.32m3
Expanded volume: 0.56m3 Body size: L*W*H = 800mm*400mm*1748mm Number of layers: 5, a total of 24 * 5 = 120 planting holes Total planting area: 1.6m2 Cover area: 0.32m2 Gross weight: 60kg Net weight: 55kg


Web page: User manual for ZDHP601 

pdf: User manual for ZDHP601

Video: How to use AiGrowH

App for Android: 

App for Andriod R2.0.3