The feature of ZDHP601 are powerful and flexible in research activities, helping the experimenter to complete the experiment efficiently.

  1. The effect of different spectrum on the same crop

On each floor, we plant a variety of crops with the same initial growth, and the temperature, humidity, culture fluid and other conditions are the same. Use the illumination independently controllable function of each layer of ZDHP601 to adjust the light of each layer to our desired value, including the spectrum (the percentage of PPF in all spectra in all spectra), light intensity. Like this we did five light comparison tests at once, and all other conditions are the same, this makes the experimental data convincing. On more planters, repeatable experiments with the same experiment. Because of the control of the planter, we are digital. Through the determined amount of control, It is easy to achieve consistent light output. What the user needs to do is to adjust the output of the device through the APP, no need to adjust any of the lines.

  1. The effect of experimental spectrum and light intensity on different growth stages of crops

Under the same spectrum and light, let the crop grow uniformly to a designated stage. Then start grouping to implement different lighting for the experimental object. ZDHP601 can be in a 24-hour cycle, Divided into time periods, Give light of specified spectrum and light intensity for each time period. Set the spectrum and light intensity in advance, The planter will output according to the spectrum and light intensity set in advance, day to day , The result of the comparison came out.

  1. Photoperiod and Flower induction experiments

Under natural conditions, due to the day and night cycle of 24 hours a day, the length of the day period and the length of the night period are complementary. Therefore there is critical day length, there must be a corresponding critical night length. The existence of a critical night length can also be observed by artificially changing the length of the dark period. ZDHP601 has a built-in clock chip, Each of its groups can have a separate light formula. They use time as the trigger to accurately set the start and end times of the light, as well as the light intensity and spectrum during that time. If we have enough groups, we can quickly verify the facts of regularity through a large number of parallel experiments. Because our equipment is operated according to the previous settings, their working status is completely based on our plan beforehand. So in the course of the experiment, we only pay attention to what we have to do, we can complete the experimental task efficiently and accurately.

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